My iPhone “Cat”-astrophe

Ready for your math lesson for today? Well, here goes…

iPhone in open shirt pocket + cat sneaking outside onto the (concrete) back porch + scooping up said kitty to take him back inside =

*Heavy Sigh* Yeah, that’s what happened to me yesterday… *Cry* So, my not-quite-three-month-old iPhone is busted. The touchscreen still works, but you can definitely feel the cracks. So much so that I am sure that repeated or rapid movement across the touchscreen surface would lead to cuts and blood, and that’s just not good for electronics. There’s no way to keep using this thing without getting it repaired/replaced. And of course, damage such as this is not covered by Apple’s warranty. I could try taking it to the nearest Apple Store and maybe I’ll get lucky and get it replaced for free (stranger things have happened), but most likely, I’m looking at a couple hundred bucks to get my little pal working again.

What is ironic is that this isn’t the first time I’ve dropped the iPhone, nor was it the highest drop it’s ever taken… I guess its number was just up. =(

I guess the only good thing about all this is that I have learned two valuable lessons

  1. Once repaired, my iPhone is getting a nice, durable, rugged case. Any suggestions? Feel free to post ’em in the comments. I want to be able to use the phone while it is in the case and not have to take it out to use it.
  2. Once repaired, my iPhone is never going into a shirt pocket again, unless it has some type of flap over the top of said pocket and said flap is firmly fastened once the iPhone goes inside.

If any kind and generous souls out there want to contribute to my iPhone repair fund, feel free to click this little button right here:

If, by some miracle, enough kind and generous souls do help me out so that I can get my iPhone repaired, any excess donations will be given to charity, with the charity being selected by a poll here on my blog.
Also, if anyone has any personal experience with any of the various iPhone repair services/websites out there that they would like to share, please post them in the comments along with your case recommendations.

So anyway, that’s my story, for what it’s worth. Learn from my mistakes, friends and neighbors… Protect that phone!

Update (4/3/2009, 10:30pm): So, my wife called our insurance agent today to see if it might be covered under our homeowner’s insurance policy. The good news is that it would indeed be covered. The bad news is that there’s a $500 deductible, so it doesn’t help one bit. I also contacted my credit card company via email to see if my account had any kind of buyer protection plan that might help, but no luck there. They suggested contacting Mastercard directly to see if there was any protection through them. Again, I had my wife call (I just don’t like dealing with stuff like this on the phone), but no luck there, either. Trying to decide whether to go to the Apple Store and try to get it replaced for free or just take my chances getting it repaired by a third party.

Update (4/4/2009, 1:40am): After emailing my local Apple User Group Ambassador to see what he thought, I’ve decided to take his advice and try at the Apple Store. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky. There’s no way I can pay the $299 replacement fee, though, so if they tell me that’s my only option, it’ll be back to *groan* Windows Mobile for me until I can save up for a replacement. Cross your fingers for me, folks!

Update (4/4/2009, 11:55pm): Went to the Apple Store this morning and was told (unfortunately, but not surprisingly) that my only option through Apple would be to pay $299 for a replacement. Since that wasn’t an option for me, the guy at the Genius Bar did at least give me a lead on someone local who does iPhone repairs, pointing out, of course, that using such third party services would void the warranty and that he couldn’t officially recommend it. I visited the local company’s site ( and sent them an email. After weighing my options, I’ve decided to give the local guys until tomorrow to get back to me via email, and then if they don’t, I’m going to go with Mission:Repair, opting to send it to them myself and then pay $9 for overnight return shipping. I’m really hoping the local guys get back to me, as that would probably get me taken care of the quickest, but if not, Mission:Repair will have to do.

Update (4/8/2009, 4:30am): Found a member of my local Apple User Group who said he’d fix my phone for the cost of the parts, so I ordered what I needed on eBay ($35) Tuesday. I also went ahead and ordered an OtterBox Defender case on Amazon ($37) so I’ll have that once my case is fixed. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the parts to arrive. $72 total for fixing my phone and protecting it from future damage is not too shabby.

Update (4/9/2009, 11:30am): My iPhone parts arrived today! Now I just have to try and figure out how to get myself from here to someplace convenient for my iPhone repairman, given that Mommitude has the car and is scheduled to work until 11:00pm. Hopefully, she can come by between shifts so that I can drive her to work and keep the car. That, and hopefully this evening is convenient for the repairman.

Update (4/10/2009, 3:28pm): My OtterBox 3G Defender case arrived today, and it looks and works great. I’ll post pictures and a review after I get my iPhone fixed, which looks to be happening tomorrow!



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4 responses to “My iPhone “Cat”-astrophe

  1. gabriel

    While on the subject of wryly animals and iPhones, you may want to check out the OtterBox. This tank of a case can take some abuse. Check it out here:
    I'm an AT&T employee and a coworker has had this on his iPhone while demo-ing it as a veritable frisbee. While it is a bit bulky, your device will not ending up looking like a muraled wall by Antoni Gaudi. Check your local AT&T Mobility store or Apple store for stock. If you do end up getting one, let me know what you think. (Also, check into your homeowners / renters insurance to see what kind of coverage you have or could have on your iPhone.)
    Best of luck!

  2. Dadditude

    Thanks, gabriel, for that suggestion. I will definitely look into that one. It certainly does look tough, and even though it is a bit on the bulky side, it has a nice look to it.

    Besides, at this point, I’m more interested in making sure I keep the thing in one piece than I am in how it looks.

  3. gregsim

    When I bought my iPhone at AT&T, they sold me a green canvas and elastic sleeve sort of arrangement. It struck me as sort of goofy. I was accustomed to the plastic holter that attached my Sprint phone to my belt.

    Actually, I nearly immediately discovered the value of this silly little thing. I keep it in my pants pocket. The canvas sleeve protects it from keys and other stuff in my pocket and it is easily accessible there. I can feel it vibrate and usually hear it ringing (except that silly switch that turns off the ringer, gets bumped off rather easily).

    Also the AT&T sleeve has the advantage of being cheap. (I suppose most phone holders are).

    I bought my iPhone at AT&T because the line was much shorter than the Apple store at South Hills Village. I got an iPhone on the first day (I think that was July 11) while the poor Apple customers returned daily to wait in line over and over. The AT&T folks could not have been nicer and the Apple store folks were stressed out and crabby. I suppose that is all past history now.

  4. Dadditude

    Yeah, I got mine at the AT&T store, too, as the closest Apple Store for me is Shadyside, which is about an hour away. The AT&T store, on the other hand, is in the same shopping center as both Wal-Mart and my bank, among other business I frequent.

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